DIY: On-the-go letter game

This cute little game is simple to make and will keep your child entertained anywhere you might go - perfect for long car rides, for instance!

One-player or two-player - make up your own rules, or follow some of our ideas based on different levels of skill below the video. 

How to play: 

  1. Beginner: Match colours and letters
    If your child hasn’t started learning letters yet, this might be a good way to start! When you make the game, only cut out a few different letters like a, b and c, but make several of them and keep the same letters in the same colour. Then you can ask your child to fish for a specific colour, and it will help him or her start recognising the letter shapes.

  2. Intermediate: Guess the letter sound
    After getting a letter, ask your child what sound that letter makes. If he or she needs some help, you can say a few different letter sounds to guess from.
    Points can be given for every right answer.

  3. Advanced: Put together words
    Fish for letters that can be put together into short words. This is great for two children to work together on, or play as a competition. 

What you need: 

  • Coloured card 

  • Glue

  • Paper clips

  • Magnets

  • Ice lolly stick

  • String

  • A small container

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