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If you buy Poio in July, we give you the hard cover copy of the digital book for free - shipping included!


Give your child the book as a reward

The best reward for completing the learn-to-read game Poio, is to give your child the hard cover book they have spent weeks completing in digital form within the game! The game boosts your child’s self esteem and many parents are surprised at the confidence their child shows when reading the printed copy of the fairy tale from the game.

Read more about how the the Poio method and the learning elements works.


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  • If you already bought Poio, you can still fill out the form to claim your free book!

  • Make sure to download the game for iOS or Android and register your e-mail in the game with the same e-mail address as filled out in the form above.

  • The offer is valid to UK citizens only, we will not ship to addresses outside the UK.

  • The offer expires midnight July 31st.

  • The book is a spoiler, so do not give it to your child before the story in the app is completed!