Three-year-old Eva:

Learns her first letters and words with the help of Poio

“I did it, I did it!” Eva (3) exclaims, as she puts together her first word with Poio. As she and her sister Emily (6) play the digital game together, Eva eagerly tries to recognise the letters and repeat the words being read aloud to her. 

“I’m surprised by how quickly Eva has picked it up actually. She’s learning to recognise her letters,” says their mother, Rebecca. “It’s definitely going to help her.” Rebecca is impressed by her daughter’s engagement and progress. 

Big sister Emily has already learned how to read, but enjoys helping her little sister out.
“Try to get the “o”s, they are the round ones,” she explains, and as the game sounds out “o” every time Eva finds one, it’s no time at all before she has learned her first letter. 

Marcus, Rebecca, Emily and Eva, a family from Essex, were among the first in the UK to try out the learn-to-read game Poio. Watch the video above to see the impact the game had on Eva after just 15-minutes of playing.

What other parents are saying about their child’s experience of playing Poio:

“She’s astounded us by being able to read the story.”
- Grandmother to Ann (3)

“He’s never normally interested in reading or using any other reading apps, but Poio has actually kept his attention.”
- Mother to James (4)

“I’m amazed at the difference it’s made to my daughter, she’s sounding out words and reading!”
- Mother to 4-year-old

The learn-to-read game Poio has helped more than 100,000 children learn how to read.
Give your children the best possible start to their reading journey!